Hello Color Book TourMan I hope you guys love photos because today I’m finally sharing all the snaps from the Hello Color book tour! For five weeks this summer (during July – August) Ryan and I had the privilege of driving across the country together to meet and craft with some of you. I can’t tell you how much it meant to me to be able to hangout with some of you face to face and to celebrate this accomplishment. Sometimes working by yourself feels like you’re just pushing content into a void, but this trip was the nicest reminder of why it is I do what I do. It was a summer of adventure and color and one I’ll never forget, so thank you! 

I also want to give a quick shoutout to the brands that helped make this trip possible. A book tour is no joke in terms of planning and execution and I’m so grateful to have received a bit of help along the way! Terra Chips was kind enough to sponsor a leg of the trip and provide us with snacks throughout. Martha Stewart, Plaid, and Fiskars all donated supplies for the workshops. Hotel Tonight put us up in a few cities, and Enterprise was kind enough to help with some car expenses. Thank you all again!

Now on to the fun!

Because this was such a big trip, I thought it would be nice to make a video documenting our journey. This is the first travel video I’ve made, but I gotta tell you, it won’t be the last! I love having these little snippets and moments to look back on to remember the trip; they really help the photos come to life.

Hello Color Book TourD.C. really brought the color for the first event!

Hello Color Book TourAlright Chicago, you cute. Despite that parking ticket you gave us.

Hello Color Book Tour

Hello Color Book TourHow adorable is Festive Collective?!

Hello Color Book Tour

Hello Color Book Tour

Hello Color Book TourDenver crafters making rainbow magic!

Hello Color Book TourEveryone made such pretty art!

Hello Color Book TourI still think he’s cute after being in the car everyday together for 5 weeks.

Hello Color Book TourI love National Parks, so stopping at Arches in Utah was a must!

Hello Color Book TourOMG my book was a staff pick at Powell’s in Portland! The e-book version is only $3 right now so GET IT!

Hello Color Book TourThe Redwoods and drive down the 101 will always be a favorite (this was my 4th time!).

Hello Color Book TourBy far a favorite stop on the tour, the Neon Museum in Vegas is a must!

Hello Color Book Tour

Hello Color Book TourSeven Magic Mountains is so rad!

Hello Color Book TourMe after eating at Hell’s Kitchen. Gordon Ramsey forever.

Hello Color Book TourWe stumbled on this cute motel in Holbrook, New Mexico.

Hello Color Book TourAnother National Park for the books!

Hello Color Book Tour

Hello Color Book Tour

Hello Color Book TourStill so inspired by the colors of New Orleans!

Hello Color Book TourHad to try the beignets at Cafe Du Monde!

Hello Color Book Tour

Hello Color Book TourAnd that’s it! I just want to thank the stores that hosted me along the way, all the friends that put me up, all of you who came out, and Ryan for just being a hero on the road and letting me sing off key to anything I wanted.


PS if I didn’t make it to your city this round, please let me know! Considering another mini trip in the fall!

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