When was the last time you built a furniture fort? If you can’t remember – you’re missing out. And just in case you feel like stepping up your fort game, IKEA Russia has just released a series of instructions for some cool furniture forts that you can build at home using IKEA furniture. Not long after the instructions were released, people started sharing photos of their forts using the #явдомикеикеа hashtag (translating to “I’m in an IKEA house”) – check out the instructions and people’s pictures in the gallery below!

The instructions come in the standard IKEA instruction format all of us are used to seeing. All you need is some IKEA furniture and a little creativity, and you’ll be chilling inside your fort in no time!

People shared pictures of the forts they’ve built using the instructions

Image credits: sevara_verdieva

Image credits: herring_under_a_fur_coat

Image credits: affelandra

Image credits: ulinka_gulyaeva

Image credits: franterrra

Here’s what people thought about the instructions

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