Furniture giant IKEA has unveiled six playhouses that can be easily built with its products to entertain children during coronavirus lockdown. Created by Ikea Russia and creative agency Instinct, the project form part of a campaign to encourage people to remain in their homes.

 Forst at Home / IKEA Russia + Instinct

The project aims to recreate playhouses from childhood using IKEA products and easy-to-follow instruction. The collection includes six different types of houses, among which are: classic WIGWÅM, traditional CÅMPINGTENT, unexpected CÅVE, massive FÖRTRESS, large CÅSTLE, and cozy HÖUSE. IKEA Russia invites Internet users to upload the photo of their playhouses with the special hashtag.

 Forst at Home / IKEA Russia + Instinct

“#StayHome was a general slogan of this spring,” explained Instinct. “Self-isolation and quarantine measures are ongoing. Parents no longer know how else they can entertain their children being stuck inside the four walls,” continued Instinct. “To those who are totally out of all ideas, IKEA Russia offers to build a play house using instruction and things which can be easy found in every home – blankets, bedspreads, chairs, stools, etc.”

 Forst at Home / IKEA Russia + Instinct

IKEA, naturally, recommends using furniture and accessories from its own stores, but the instructions can easily be adapted to whatever you have on hand. The Förtress, for example, is a traditional sofa fort with walls made using the cushions from IKEA’s Landskrona and a roof formed of two Nattjasmin sheets. A Mialotta throw and three Valbjörg cushions would provide comfort for the child inside the fort.

 Forst at Home / IKEA Russia + Instinct

The Cåstle, which is made of four Stefan chairs and a Krokig clothes stand wrapped a set of Blötsnö lights supporting Nattjasmin sheets fixed with clothes pegs, is one of the more complex designs.

Simpler forts include the Cåmping tent, which combines a Mulig clothes stand with a Nattjasmin sheet and the Wigwam, which places a sheet over a Tjusig coat stand.

 Forst at Home / IKEA Russia + InstinctForst at Home / IKEA Russia + Instinct

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