Incredible Phenomenon Makes Chicago Skyline Visible in Sunsets From 50 Miles Away

During the right conditions, those visiting Porter beach at the Indiana Dunes National Park are able to see the Chicago skyline from 50 miles away. The stunning phenomenon occurs during a clear day, when the setting sun illuminates the cityscape. Seen from the other side of Lake Michigan, Chicago looks just like an otherworldly, floating city.

Photographer Lynda Myszkowski is one person who managed to capture the sun-lit skyline. Her beautiful image, titled Bullseye, captures the sun setting behind the Sears Tower. “I’ve been wanting to get this shot for a while and was so excited that we timed it so perfectly,” she says. “It was an amazing sight to see.”

Travel and landscape photographer Brandon Eicher also captured Chicago’s skyline from afar. He visited Indiana Dunes State Park with his wife last year, and was pleasantly surprised to see the breathtaking scene. “The initial view—good as it was—only seemed to improve over the next few hours,” he recalls. “As the sun set, an intense band of color formed along the horizon. All the while, seagulls soared above Lake Michigan.”

If you’re inspired to try and capture your own shot of the Chicago skyline from Indiana Dunes State Park, Eicher suggests bringing a telephoto lens. “I only had a 200 mm lens with me, so I had to crop the final image to magnify the skyline,” he says. “I’d recommend a lens in the 400 – 600 mm range, if you have one.” Additionally, make sure to schedule your trip in mid-May or late July, when the sun sets directly behind the Chicago skyline.

Check out some sunset images people have captured from Porter Beach below.

During the early summer months, you might be able to see the Chicago skyline all the way from Indiana Dunes National Park at sunset.


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READ: Incredible Phenomenon Makes Chicago Skyline Visible in Sunsets From 50 Miles Away


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