As we know, the average person can do without fluid for only three to five days. Fluid ensures the functioning of all of our organs. An adult needs 1-2 liters of this very fluid per day. Of course, the most necessary is water. But apart from water we also enjoy drinking many different drinks.

The state of the beverage market

A steady upward trend in the production and consumption of beverages is noted in most countries, including Russia. Refreshing and tonic beverages and lemonades are in great demand. As a result of growing demand a tendency to use various innovative Food Ingredients for soft drinks production has been formed.

This trend remains one of the most prominent to date. In most cases, the use of innovative ingredients is driven by manufacturers’ desire to give their beverages additional appeal and uniqueness. In the beverage industry, the general trend in the food market remains that most manufacturers want to make their beverages healthier and minimize the use of artificial additives.

In addition, many manufacturers are experimenting with herbal and botanical extracts to differentiate their products. In a global market where competition remains extremely fierce, the value of innovation is only increasing.

It is important for the consumer to understand what this or that drink consists of and what benefits it can bring. Water is the main ingredient and most important ingredient in all beverages, and ingredients are added for flavor, color, and other benefits.

Beverage Consumer Preferences

  1. Low- and no-calorie sweeteners improve the palatability of beverages and give them dietary benefits. Food acids such as citric acid and lactic acid are added to give the drinks a pleasant sour taste.
  2. The addition of vitamins and other useful ingredients (juice concentrates, dietary fiber, extracts, etc.) in drinks helps provide the body with useful and nutritious substances.
  3. Natural extracts along with vitamins contain a complex of bioflavonoids, minerals and trace elements.

That is why the drinks made with the use of extracts are considered to be the ideal source of vitamins, macro-and micronutrients and other biologically active substances necessary for human organism.

Juice drinks have gained popularity among customers because they are useful, functional and refreshing in taste.

Flavoring and coloring agents are used to add flavor and color to beverages. The optimal solution for soft drink manufacturers is multicomponent concentrates (flavoring juice bases, emulsions and syrups).

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