Kick back, relax, pour a cup of tea, pull up a cosy armchair and take some well-deserved time to secretly perv over some of our all-time favourite creative minds. Immerse yourself in their paintings, sculptures, ornaments, occasional potted plants and a stack of good books. We do love a bit of memorabilia and paraphernalia. Today, we enter the humble abode of enigmatic stylist Jean-Philippe Phiné N’djoli

What’s your most prized possession? 

“My imagination and creativity – everything I do today starts from it. It’s the same in my way personal life or my professional life… I’m always looking for some cool things to do to make my life cooler every day.”

What dream time would make your home all that more special? 

“I would love to have a piece from the Mutation series of Maarten De Ceulaer one day; this would be a dream for sure.”

What’s the key to keeping your humble abode a happy one? 

“Peace! I need my place to be peaceful so that I can focus on what really matters and enjoy life.”

Photography by Hélène Hadjiyianni. Keep your eyes peeled for more inductees to our Ten Men at Home series. Taken from Issue 55 of 10 Men – FUTURE, BALANCE, HEALING – out NOW. Order your copy here


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