There are infinite ways to style Reebok’s most illustrious silhouette, the Instapump Fury, which has recently undergone yet another transformation compliments of Maison Margiela, this time undertaking the ‘Memory Of’ treatment, a process by which the luxury couturier peels away and reconstitutes layers of the shoe in order to expose and evoke its initial form.

The Instapump Fury is one of the most recognizable sneakers on the market, distinguishable by its most prominent feature: the pump. The shoe is intrinsically eccentric, bordering on enigmatic in form – a form that has become nothing short of iconic under the knife of Maison Margiela’s technicians.

Despite the silhouette’s unconventionality, the mass appeal it has garnered amongst fans has served as a catalyst for a diverse portfolio of reworks. We caught up with some of our favorite Instagrammers to find out more about how they are implementing the Instapump Fury ‘Memory Of’ into their arsenal.

As a versed shoe collector what are your thoughts on Maison Margiela’s latest take on the Pump?

For me it’s all about the small details, so it’s definitely the open-toe box for me.

When buying shoes, do you prioritize style or comfort, and how do these shoes rank on both?

I own many many sneakers by now and therefore, I am turning more towards the comfort side, I have to say. Wearing the Instapump Fury is like walking on small bouncy clouds and they make me a bit taller, which I appreciate too.

Considering that these shoes are something of a collector’s piece, do you think you’ll wear them out much?

In the end, they are shoes and shoes are here to wear, so I will definitely try to wear them as much as I can.


Do you style your outfits around your shoes, or do you pick your shoes based on your outfit?

I always start my styling with a key piece. That could be the shoes – which is mostly the case – the pants or shirt. I look for one specific detail or color that I want to highlight and lay the foundation for the rest of the outfit.

What is it that attracts you to a drop? What is it about the Pump that you find most appealing?

I’m all about storytelling, a story or history of a shoe attracts me the most, followed by details and material. The same goes for the Insta Pump, the feature of pumping air as well as the materials and shape is what I find most appealing.

Would you wear these shoes out to a party?

I would! I like to wear my shoes, it doesn’t matter the occasion, once I’m set on an outfit and a specific pair of shoes to go with it, you can’t change my mind.

Would you allow your best friend or siblings to borrow these shoes for a weekend?

If I know that they respect my love for sneakers and that I like to keep them clean, then yes!


What do you think of the Instapump Fury?

I’ve always loved the futuristic design of the Instapump. The renewed very Margiela, honest industrial left details are the icing on an already existing cake. [It’s] Nostalgic, in time, as well as upcoming.

How would you describe your style?

All in one creative I think. Self-made outfits from head to toe. Things that don’t already exist are my favorites. I’m not a fan of wearing an outfit that is “that one style“, I’m always trying to challenge myself by mixing up every outfit with a weird detail or something so you can’t put it that easily into a box haha.

Where would you say your style inspiration comes from and do you ever feel as though certain outfits allow you to express yourself in the same way that you can through art?

I’m always making sure my eyes catch every little inspiration in my everyday life. It can happen in the most random situations like having a walk with my dog or something. But my favorite inspiration is mostly coming from fantasy, animé, or science fiction movies – especially the old ones, they are unbelievably good. Expressing myself through clothing is the same as expressing myself through art. I love dressing and I love setting myself new challenges by dressing and creating new outfits or pieces just as I would in other art projects. For me, both require the same attention, affection, and effort.

You seem to have a very good grasp of today’s fashion, how would you pair the Instapumps, and what kind of occasions would you wear them for?

I think they’re so versatile. Because they’re chunky, I’d pair them with baggy pants as they sit really nicely on the shoe. But I’d also pair them with a skirt for a more dressed-up look for summer.

When you meet new people, what are the first impressions you have of them based on their outfit? And do you find yourself looking at people’s feet often?

Yes. when I meet new people one of the first things I notice about them is their outfit and shoes, you can tell a lot about someone from their shoe choice. I think a lot of people do that so I always take pride in what I’m wearing on my feet each day.

What were your first impressions of the remixed Instapumps by Maison Margiela?

I loved them! They’re definitely my favorite Instapumps [to date]. I really love the details – the exposed foam, the overlapping materials, and the leather on the toe. They’re super interesting and stylish. I notice more and more nice details about them the more I look.

Learn more about Maison Margiela’s latest collaboration, and get your hands on the Instapump Fury ‘Memory Of’.


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