There are a lot of idiots on the road. There are speeders, tailgaters, and people cutting across multiple lanes of traffic, all of who feel that the rules of the road don’t apply to them.  We often witness such atrocities and wish that the universe would somehow punish their dangerous behavior. Well, you’re in luck. Here’s some satisfying instant karma for the worst drivers around.

1. Mustang Sting

It was nighttime, and it was raining really hard out. A guy driving a Mustang ran a red light and immediately got pulled over by a squad car. Over the loudspeaker, the officer ordered the driver to get out of the vehicle and put their hands on the roof of the car, which the guy did. Then, there was nothing. The officer didn’t get out of his car and didn’t go over to the vehicle.

Instead, the officer just left the driver of the Mustang sit there for about 30 seconds, allowing him to get soaked by the rain. After the guy was drenched, the officer got on the loudspeaker again and got him real good: “Next time you run a red light during a storm, don’t do it right in front of an officer, idiot”. Then, he just drove away.


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