Vote 2020If you couldn’t tell by everyone’s anxiety, it’s election day here in America. A day I’ve been waiting four years for. A day that will determine the course we want to take as a country for years and years to come. No pressure, right?

If you haven’t gotten out to vote early or by mail, I urge you to head to the polls today. Bring snacks, bring a chair, bring a friend. And if you’re on the fence about voting at all, please keep these two point in mind:

1. Voting is not a marriage. You’re not spending a lifetime with the candidate you choose; it’s not forever. Instead, think of voting like a bus. It’s not going to take you to your door, but it will get you in the direction you want to eventually be in. Would you rather be on the bus that gets you at least in the direction you want? Or just not get on at all, and stay where you are without solution?

2. Imagine you woke up the day after election day as someone else who lives in this country. You don’t know who you’re going to wake up as– the color of your skin, your financial standing, health, immigration status, sexual orientation, etc are all unknown to you, but you have to vote. What candidate do you want to be in charge when you wake up? Who is going to push for the greater good of everything? (hint: it’s Joe Biden)

I am sure many of you out there may feel like your voice doesn’t matter and that nothing will change regardless. But let me ask you this– if your voice didn’t matter, and things couldn’t change, why are Republican officials trying to suppress the vote in nearly every single state? Our vote is powerful. Our voices matter. Let’s let them hear from every single one of us that racism, sexism, transphobia, fascism, and hate are not welcome here.

Vote for our future. Vote Biden/Harris.


Check out where to vote + any other voter information you need here:

Vote 2020

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