Vatic Symbiosis - Jon Ching


Jon Ching is a self-trained artist originally from Kaneohe, Hawaii and currently lives and works in Los Angeles, California. Steeped in natural beauty of O’ahu, Hawai’i, his island upbringing instilled in him indigenous lessons of appreciation and respect for nature, forming the foundation of his fascination with the natural and wild world, which deeply influences and drives his current work.

Mother Mycelium - Jon Ching

Flourished Meriment - Jon Ching

Jon’s devoted art practice and detailed realism is inspired by the interconnectedness of nature. His work is a surreal imagining of what limitless wonders and combinations nature can produce. New creatures and symbioses emerge in his meticulously rendered oil paintings, exemplifying the endless potential of life on Earth through metaphor and allegory.

Pono - Jon Ching

Petrified Emergence - Jon Ching

Jon’s ultimate hope is to inspire love and admiration for the universally unique beauty and intrigue of our planet. He regularly works to bring awareness to endangered species, the current mass extinction crisis and climate change and continues to partner with environmental organizations in fundraising and educational efforts.

Puhpowee - Jon Ching

Nectar - Jon Ching


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