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Photo books are a dime a dozen, but Karl Hab has been redefining the genre one day at a time. The renowned Parisian photographer is back with another enchanting book in his 24H series, this time capturing his beloved hometown Paris.

Hab, a certified aeronautics engineer, leaves no rocks unturned as he offers countless points of view from ground to sky. Limited to just 500 copies worldwide, this first edition book also features an introduction by colette co-founders, Sarah Andelman and Colette Roussaux.

His latest release comes to us as the third instalment in his 24H series, with previous books focusing on Hong Kong’s towering architecture and L.A.’s unique landscape. What began as an idea to share his focused perspective in select cities has transformed into a trilogy of moments captured in time. The 216 page book is ode an aesthetics — chromatically curated with a tempo that progresses from cool to warm tones. One can only wonder how Hab manages to squeeze so much subject matter within only twenty-four hours while still charmingly depicting the City of Light.

Although we all can’t master space and time as well as Hab, you can purchase his latest release, and his previous Hong Kong publication at the Highsnobiety Shop.


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