Sigh, we got another one, ladies and gentlemen. I present the latest celebrity beauty/wellness line (like we need more): Kim Kardashian‘s SKKN skincare brand.

In February, we first learned about SKKN, with talks of a summer launch in the works. And, now it’s here. Well, almost here, considering its inaugural release is June 21.

But, thanks to Kim Kardashian’s internet-shattering announcement of her latest venture, beauty enthusiasts now have a good look at what they’re getting into with SKKN: nine terribly expensive products that cater to all skin types, elevated by a Paleolithic aesthetic and minimalist vowel-free name.

Kim K. and skincare, how did we get here? It probably has something to do with her obsession with the fountain of youth. She even shared in a recent interview that she’d “just might” consume poop for immortal flesh.

SKNN reflects Kim Kardashian’s chaotic nine-step routine with products like a cleanser, hyaluronic acid serum, and exfoliator (Kim K. SKKN tip: try the exfoliator “down to nips” for girl boss areolas).

Unfortunately for SKIM‘s obsessives who love the brand’s solutions to snatched waists and arms, that may not be the case with SKKN’s pricey offerings, which will bring your bill to a staggering $630 if you want the full Kim K. skincare shebang.

Nonetheless, SKKN sounds quite familiar, if you ask me. And the beauty community agrees.

Kim Kardashian’s SKNN is just one clever “K” away from Lori Harvey’s SKN by LH brand, which launched successfully in October 2021 with an initial swift sellout.

Not to mention, there’s already a SKNN out there. Well, it’s actually SKKN+, a Brooklyn-based Black-owned skincare studio founded by Cydnie E. in 2018, which offers both products and beauty services (hence the plus-sign, because it’s obviously more than just your typical skincare brand).

As for the SKKN+ founder’s latest skill, Cyndie is reportedly opposing Kardashian’s SKNN trademark before the United States Patent and Trademark Office.

Beauty collective Estée Laundry’s Laundrites also didn’t pass the vibe check for packaging, which draws similarities to skincare label Nature of Things and YouTube makeup artist Desi Perkins’ Dezi Skin line.

Obviously, it didn’t take long for people to remind Kim Kardashian of her recurring superlative — “Most Likely to Steal from Black Women” — as SKKN demonstrates another instance of the Kardashian-Jenner clan using Black women as Pinterest idea boards.

I agree with the wellness tastemakers, who believe that SKKN is both late to the game, which is currently flooded with celebrities and OG multi-step skincare leaders, and yet another cash-in from the famous figure’s billion-dollar empire.

Should SKKN fail, it wouldn’t even be the first skincare flop from the Kardashians: remember Kylie Jenner’s foundation wash-off during her Kylie Skin tutorial?


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