Italian artist based in Barcelona Antonella Montes works under Lantomo moniker. She studied architecture in Italy, in Rome and Genoa; then moves to Spain, specialising in scenography and exhibition design. Just a few years ago, since 2010, Lantomo started to dedicate herself exclusively to painting, and her passion has definitely become a job. And in this journey, her stay of almost two years in Beijing, China, have left an indelible trace. Her drawings have become more accurate and detailed, her only colours the black and white, with touches of red, and the drawn faces have come to have Asian features.


“The graphite portraits I create are almost realistic, suspended in a personal universe between realism and vision, but I’m not interested in virtuous details, I look for the representation of the emotions of my subjects.
Drawing has always been present in my life, like a way of expressing myself. My portraits embody a feeling of isolation and introspection, involved in silence. Memory, fears and loneliness in this society are the subjects that obsess me.
I try to bring to the surface all traces of emotions behind a gaze.”

— Lantomo

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