Design: Luminous Design Group
Location: Greece
Project Type: Produced
Product Launch Location: Greece
Packaging Contents: Drinks
Packaging Substrate / Materials: Paper

In Ethiopia coffee is a ritual. The consumption of our favorite drink is part of a daily experience, acting as a purpose of meeting relatives or neighbors. During the ceremony, the coffee is prepared in a traditional way, roasted e.g. in a pan over a charcoal grill, while the area around is filled with sparse grass that is laid on the ground for people to sit on it. That’s how we came up with the name and visual identity for the café Low Grass, serving specialty coffee at the heart of Athens.

Grass was the means in order to tell the story of the brand in the logotype design, but also in every application of the identity, including texts and illustrations. The green color rules the color palette, whereas pink reflects the energy and the optimism emerging from a single cup of coffee. A highlight of the key idea are notably the little paper cups in which popcorn is served as a complement for coffee, exactly as on every authentic coffee ceremony in Ethiopia.

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