Design: Ali Attia
Location: Egypt
Project Type: Produced
Client: Mazaj Alshathliah
Product Launch Location: Africa
Packaging Contents: Coffee
Packaging Substrate / Materials: Plastic
Printing Process: Digital printing

It is a company in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia that extracts the coffee plant from agricultural natural lands and then manufactures it until the coffee we use becomes. Mazaj Al-Shazliya targets (80%) of a group of women and a percentage (20%) of Arab or Saudi men at the present time

The word “Shadhili” legend says it means an Arab man who was a shepherd called (Sheikh Al-Shazly). This sheikh used to feed his sheep from a certain unknown plant. And after many times of sheep eating this plant, they got more focus and more energy than normal, so he experimented with this plant and also noticed that it is a strong plant that helps to focus and energy, and in the past, coffee was called Shazlia.

We were trying to make every effort to highlight the Saudi or Arab meaning in the slogan, in addition to the model of the female figure with the male aunt in the same proportions targeted by the brand that was mentioned.
As for the visual identity, we were keen to use colors that fit the target groups and also constitute a historical element .. An indication of this is that the turquoise color is a feminine color and also gives an indication of the past. The sand color is the color of the desert and the skin color of the Arabs in general, and the Saudi people in particular. It gives an indication of the past

The reasons that gave us the impetus to choose these particular colors are that they represent modern and attractive colors for the target group and also give an indication of the origin of the original, old Arab coffee.

What’s Unique?
I drew the illustration on the attached package with great importance and it contains an Arabic coffee pot. This jug highlights in the design the extent of attention to detail, and also the desert highlights the type of coffee provided by Mazaj Shailiya or in the literal sense. The desert shape helps us with the jug. It is a luxurious Arabic coffee.

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