No one likes to get sick.  When we do, we put our trust in the medical professionals who are tasked to help us.  However, they are human, and mistakes can happen.  Sometimes the errors are harmless, but other times, they can mean the end of the road for a patient. These medical professionals shared their stories of mistakes that will leave anyone praying they never need medical attention—ever!

1. A Negative Experience

I did HIV testing, and I once showed up to work super tired because I couldn’t sleep the night before. This guy came in for a test. We went through the pre-counseling, and then I told him to step out for a few minutes while the results came up. When he returned to get his results, I told him to take a seat. The first thing that came out of my mouth was, “Your results are positive”.

Then I saw the look on his face, and that’s when I realized I had messed up. I said, “Oh, no, no, no, I meant to say negative”. I almost gave the guy a coronary.


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