Meditative Design is a creative extension of Krista Kim’s art practice, as she creates a meditative universe of the future. 

“From the experience of the coronavirus pandemic that has gripped the world over the past two months, I realized that meditation is a universal tool to help us manage future instability and stress responses from massive disruption caused by future pandemic risk, climate change and automation. It is inevitable that our future will be unstable and chaotic for many years to come. 

The world is ready to seek spiritually driven changes of how our civilization and economy are structured. Meditation has become a scientifically proven practice for the well-being of the individual and therefore, the well-being of society and the world. Millions of us are meditating en mass like never before and social media is helping us build community around it.

While in quarantine, I became inspired to create my vision of a world of meditativeness; my vision of how the practice of meditation can also be integrated into our every day lives through art, architecture, design and fashion. My vision is of a future based on the individual practice of meditation, extending to every aspect of our every day lives. I am inspired by Japanese Zen art, architecture and design. It’s very existence has shaped the world culture in profound ways, and will continue to impact art and design as it lives through my creations. 

I believe there is hope for the future if more people meditate. We will manage stress, but most importantly, we can tap into our maximum creative potential. More than ever, creativity and collaboration are the antidote to fear and war. Beauty, collaboration, co-creation and meditation are the attributes that we must focus on collectively and globally in order to thrive and navigate opportunity amidst the chaos of disruption. 

I hope that we all gain insight, wisdom and compassion from this pandemic. I hope you are inspired to create a beautiful world.

— Krista Kim






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