Countdown? Tipping Poing? The Price is Right? Whatever your poison is (or was) when it comes to crappy Saturday night telly, everybody loves a good game show. With the clubs still shut and all, a Chinese takeaway and a bit of The Wall  – you know, the one on BBC One where Danny Dyer switches on his serious geezer voice? – has been our lethal combo for suppressing dancefloor blues.

Luckily, supermodel extraordinaire Adut Akech is here to give us a much-needed serotonin boost with a game show of her own. Working with Mercedes-Benz and director Isaac Lock, the short sketch was made as a pick-me-up to ride out 2020 with. “It’s been a long year for everyone and it’s great to end it with such a fun project,” says Akech – who is joined by comedian and LGBTQIA+ activist, Mawaan Rizwan, as her co-host. Admittedly, the South Sudanese-Australian supermodel wasn’t into TV growing up, but makes her gameshow debut seem so effortless, she could easily pass as an ITV mainstay.

Three giddy contestants – including content creator Tim Dessaint and British actors Bel Powley and Nicholas Galitzine – all wack on some buzzers in the aim of winning the grand prize, the Mercedes-Benz G-Class, which is shown off by glamorous assistant, Josephine Jones. At one point, American design darling Michael Halpern even makes a cameo. We haven’t had this much of a laugh since Cilla Black used to present Blind Date.

Photography courtesy of Mercedes-Benz. You can watch the full film here. 


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