Agency: ECH Creative Agency
Creative Director: Roy Vu
Graphic Designer: Minh Tien, Dong Luong
Content Editor: Thao Ho, Lam Le
Motion Graphic: Minh Tien, Phuong Anh
3D Modeler: Long Pham
Photographer: C.Khoa, FER Concept
Location: Vietnam
Project Type: Brand Identity Design

Mofeel – Connecting humans, nature and technology for an Ideal Future

I. Introduction:

Ever since the first outbreak back in December 2019, millions of lives and occupations of the entire population have fallen under the severe destruction of Covid-19.

Looking on the bright side, the global pandemic is a boost to human’s awareness of their own life quality; meanwhile being a motivation to the development of pioneering technologies, including smartphones, smart-watches and facemasks that help with detecting threats and keeping ones safe and sound.

Those inspirations led to the birth of Mofeel – a representation of our strong belief in a future where humans and technology all join hands, bringing the field of social health care to the next level.

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