Designer: Ximena Ureta
Photographer #1 #2 #3: Cristian Navarro
Photographer #4: Jorge Brantmayer
Location: Chile
Project Type: Produced
Client: MontGras
Product Launch Location: Global
Packaging Contents: Wine
Packaging Substrate / Materials: Glass bottle and paper
Printing Process: Offset

MontGras has developed a new brand architecture and positioning and, consequently, the need has arisen to create a new portfolio that is more attractive, relevant and innovative, as well as able to communicate the new positioning sought by the company. “Boldly Attractive”, this has been our challenge.

Research was conducted into harvesting tools, especially the harvesting scissors used in the MontGras vineyards when the Day One harvest takes place. Extracting from reality an image that represents this handmade work. We researched different packagings that could speak about harvest, and Selected Harvest and vegan wines around the world, to produce a unique and original design.

Day One’s consumers are very widely spread, both domestically and internationally, in key markets such as Korea, China, USA, Chile, Canada, Denmark, Brazil, Japan and UK.

Day One, Selected Harvest, is a design that pays tribute to the moment when a winemaker decides to begin the harvest: a decision that is fundamental to the quality, finish and character of a wine. A balance between sugar, acidity, and tannins. During this process, sugar is transformed into alcohol and, hence, the concentration of sugar in the fruit is key to start the harvest. The harvest scissors have germinated among the flowers that protect the grapes and vine leaves.

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