Graphite Studio designed an industrial, yet modern space at the Motional offices in Singapore.

Motional is a partnership between Hyundai and Aptiv to develop self-driving vehicles, have been tested on the city’s tech hub precinct roads (Buona Vista) since 2016.

As a company of data scientists and system engineers, much of the day-to-day work involves concentrated focus, problem solving, ad-hoc collaboration, and video-calls with other locations. Creating a high performing environment to support their work activities is the project baseline, but just as important is designing a space where team identity, culture and group bonding can grow for this young company..

Graphite Studio designed a flexible and connected environment in which the ability to engage in focussed work, impromptu problem solving, digital connectivity and social bonding are prioritized. The floor layouts were planned to create a sense of movement and flow throughout the space, whilst the design aesthetic emphasises interior architectural forms and lines, with a simple and raw material palette.

The social venue of the Cafe is designed for large and small group gatherings where employees can easily configure the layout to their needs, be it for cross-city Town Hall video conferences or small team lunches.

A significant part of the design narrative are the customised artworks installed at floor entrances by artist Si Xuan Chok, which illustrate Motional’s work through an artist’s lens.

Design: Graphite Studio
Photography: Owen Raggett

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