Musician Soundtracks His Mom’s Life by Adding Silly Trombone Tunes to Her Chores

Musician Peet Montzingo believes “it’s a son’s job to annoy his mom,” and he’s certainly living up to the task in the most lovable way. He’s been using his trombone to play hilarious sound effects to match what Vicki, his mom, is doing. He follows her everywhere around the house, blasting out dramatic, brassy notes while she does her daily tasks.

From doing the laundry to watering the plants, there’s no chore that Peet can’t turn into a tune. Vicki is clearly irritated by the noise, but she always finds the funny side. She’s captured rolling her eyes and giggling each time her son enters the scene with his trombone. After countless moments of being bamboozled by Peet’s musical comedy, the mischievous mom decided to get her revenge. She got hold of a kazoo and started creating her own sound effects based on whatever her son did.

The heartwarming videos showcase the pair’s unbreakable bond forged by humor and musical talents. In addition to being fun to watch, Peet uses the videos as opportunities to destigmatize dwarfism. His mom—along with his father, brother, and sister—are all little people while Peet is over six feet tall. Through his popular posts, he has helped his mom live her dreams as a pop star (something she took seriously because of her size) and gain her own massive following on TikTok where she delights millions.

Check out Montzingo’s funny sound effects below.

Musician Peet Montzingo uses his trombone to play hilarious sound effects that match his mom’s movements


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READ: Musician Soundtracks His Mom’s Life by Adding Silly Trombone Tunes to Her Chores


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