Must-Have Office Supplies for ProductivityEven though I know we’d all rather NOT be working right now, sometimes you just have to get stuff done. The days I feel best at work at the days where I can cross a lot of my to-do list. The days where I can really focus and be productive, that way I have less to do later in the week. I rounded up a few of my favorite items that will help you get the most out of your day. Because a productive day means you can take a day off after… right? Here are my must-have office supplies for productivity:

Must-Have Office Supplies for Productivity

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Ergonomic Typewriter Keyboard- I have this keyboard and it’s so fun! Sometimes all you need to do more work is something to make the job a bit more enjoyable.

Mug Warmer- Keep yourself caffeinated all day long with this mug warmer. This helps keep you in your seat instead of having to warm up your coffee time and time again.

Timer– I started using this timer recently and it is SO helpful! Typically I’ll set it for an hour and force myself to only work on one specific task for that hour. It helps me focus and manage my time more efficiently.

Rainbow Mouse Pad – I’m biased on this one since I’m the designer, but having that pop of color on your desk will at least bring a little joy into the work day.

Productive AF Notepad- this notepad obviously says it all. Use this notebook to make your to-do list or to jot down any other ideas you have.

Cord Holders- Don’t waste your time wrangling with words when you can keep them organized with this holder. Plus you won’t have to crawl under your desk to plug in your computer or phone.

Acrylic Monitor Stand – This will lift your monitor and help you from slouching in your desk chair.

Paper-Feel Screen Protector- I have this on my iPad and it’s so fun because it feels like you’re writing on paper.

Sticky Tabs- Write all the notes you want on these colorful sticky tabs. I also really love these colorful Post-It Flags.

Binders- Keep all of your papers and important items organized with these beautiful binders. Being organized saves the most time in the office!

Highlighters- for the important items only.  Or really use them on whatever you want because they’re so colorful and fun!

Rainbow Wall Calendar- get a look at the year ahead with this rainbow wall calendar. Great for decor AND organization!

If you have any go-to items that we’re included on my list, I’d love to know about them!


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