Design: Rare N Right
Location: India
Project Type: Concept
Packaging Contents: Saffron, Sandalwood Powder, Cardamom, Clove
Packaging Substrate / Materials: : Base materials – Wood & Paper; Contents – Glass Bottle, acrylic, cardboard
Printing Process: Offset Printing, Foil Stamping, Spot UV and GOLD EP

This invitation was based on a combination of Navpad (Nine Elements in Jainism) concept and the Panch Kalyanaka (Five Auspicious Events)

Navpad comprises of nine sacred elements namely:

  1. Arihant Pad – the one who has conquered the inner enemies such as Anger, Greed, Ego, and Deceit
  2. Siddha Pad – is the liberated soul residing in Moksha
  3. Acharya Pad – is the preceptor, spiritual master and leader of Sangha (community)
  4. Upadhya Pad – is a person with knowledge and a spiritual teacher
  5. Sadhu Pad – Jain monks and nuns
  6. Samyag Darshan – Right Faith/Jain Image
  7. Samyag Jnan – Right Knowledge/Jain Temple
  8. Samyag Charitra – Right Conduct/Wheel of Dharma
  9. Samyag Tapa – Right Austerities/Jain Scriptures

Panch Kalyanaka (“Five Auspicious Events”) are the five chief auspicious events that are believed to occur in the life of tirthankara in Jainism. They are commemorated as part of many Jain rituals and festivals.

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