In a way, all roommate stories are horror stories. Whether you start off as strangers or as friends, it’s extremely rare that things end well. But these roommates…well, they’re next-level bad. From creeps to food thieves to just plain weirdos, these nightmare roommates will leave you feeling grateful for your living situation.

1. A Confusing Series Of Events

I had a co-worker who was living at my home for some weeks. He wasn’t especially clean and sometimes he drank my beverages, but overall it was an okay situation. One day he told me he was moving back with his wife, and I said it was cool, he could take his things out whenever he needed. I wasn’t in a rush so I allowed him some time.

Almost immediately I found someone else who was looking for a room and I told him he can move in on Monday. Monday morning I wake up and there is a bicycle in my living room. Which, you know, I thought was a weird place for a bicycle. What I found next was far more shocking. I went to the kitchen and found ex-roomie banging a woman there. Someone who wasn’t his wife.

I threw his stuff outside and asked for the keys. It was a little awkward afterward at work and he never explained why he had decided to park the bike in the living room when I have a perfectly good garage.


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