Vector Mais realized diversified workspaces at the Novo Nordisk offices in Paço de Arcos, Portugal.

Founded in 1923 in Copenhagen, Novo Nordisk is a global healthcare company that employs more than 44,000 people in 80 offices and markets its products in 170 countries. For the renovation of its office in Quinta da Fonte, the pharmaceutical company hired Vector Mais to design, build, and supply furniture to offer local employees the best working conditions.

Following the company’s internal guidelines, the renovated workspace includes three areas that complement each other: a quiet area where the employee performs individual activities in total concentration; a dynamic area where a team member can perform an individual action, but with the possibility of interaction with colleagues; and a collaboration area where users meet informally to work as a team.

These areas have adjoining lounge spaces, phone booths, and informal meeting spaces, contributing to a diversified space occupation and proactive use. Making a parallel between Lisbon and Copenhagen, the Vector Mais team developed a project that fuses Nordic minimalism with the warm tones of Portugal, creating a welcoming, functional and inspiring office. With lots of natural light, plants, and quality materials, the workspace offers a serene atmosphere, increasing employees’ quality of life and productivity. Through great attention to detail, the development of bespoke carpentry solutions, and a careful selection of furniture and lighting, it was possible to create an office adapted to human needs, where comfort and well-being are fundamental factors.

Design: Vector Mais
Photography: Spaces and Places

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