This season saw Christa Bösch and Cosima Gadient ramp up the sex appeal when it came to their Berlin-based label Ottolinger. “This is the most looks we’ve ever done,” a proud Gadient boasted over a pre-show Zoom call (35 looks, to be exact). “It’s really sexy.” The collection was spun on the idea of bridging the gap between natural elements here on earth and the supernatural, keeping in tune with the brand’s Elf-core aesthetic, just now baring a lot more skin. Fast-paced, sensually charged, as strappy as ever, the pair described the unexpected change in ideas threaded throughout as being akin to that of a thunderstorm. “That moment when you are in the mountains and the weather changes from blue beautiful skies to black and it rains and it’s moody, and then, in a second, it’s nice again,” added Bösch.

A whistle-stop tour through neon athleisure wrapped around the body like vines would a tree, cobwebby going-out dresses, deconstructed denim and wire-threaded twin sets proposed in obscure shapes felt from another world, yet wouldn’t look out of place on a Berlin dancefloor. “We all have been waiting for the moment to dress up again and go to a bar or to a club and just have fun again with our outfits,” said Gadient. “If I was to wear one of these looks, I would have a fun night for sure.”

Photography courtesy of Ottolinger.

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