Hello, hello! This wet bar area was something we knew we wanted to modernize and simplify. Previously, the bar was a very small bar you could walk behind (but barely) with a teeny-tiny bar sink. We felt it would be more functional to make it a simplified, walk-up bar. It’s mainly a coffee bar. But it’s nice to have a place to get water as well, and a ton of storage for movie night snacks.

Overall, it was a massive improvement for a modest price tag!

Here’s the before:

I know some of you are going to ask about the parquet floors and why we didn’t salvage them. Well, the reason is that there was only this tiny little patch of floors and the majority of the basement was carpeted with no wood underneath. So, we decided that the best choice for the home was to match all the floors to the original floors upstairs. If you listen to our podcast you know I am ALL about matching floors whenever possible. Supply list:
-Cabinet piece one
-Cabinet piece two (we used two of these)
-Butcher Block Counter
-Tile (this was affordable and really pretty and textured in person—love it!)

This was our first time to do any project with butcher block—I have always wanted to try it. It turned out beautiful and was super affordable! So I will definitely keep it in mind for future projects.

Thanks so much for following along. We had so much fun making this wet bar come to life! xx- Elsie

Credits//Author: Elsie Larson. Project: Collin DuPree. Photography: Amber Kelly. Photos edited with A Color Story Desktop.


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