They literally broke the mold when manufacturing the Pebble Pendant, a statement piece that’s carefully hand-crafted in resplendent bone china.

Original BTC Pebble pendant detail

As with all Original BTC products, Pebble cuts no corners, spares no expense. The lamp is comprised of dozens of pebble forms, each and every one made by first creating a 3D-printed resin mold, next pouring liquid clay (slip) into the form and allowing it to set, then by cracking the mould and extracting the pebble, buffing and sponging it, and finally biscuit firing it to achieve the desired matte texture.

Original BTC Pebble Pendant manufacturing pouring out liquid clay from mould
Original BTC Pebble Pendant manufacturing liquid clay settling in mould
Original BTC Pebble Pendant manufacturing buffing clay while in mould
Original BTC Pebble Pendant manufacturing scoring each pebble form for attachment to structure

The individual pebbles are attached to the frame via brass slotted finials. Continuing with the brass theme, the ceiling attachment is a brass rose. An understated gray braided cotton cable suspends the whole ensemble. In applications with low ceilings, a flush mount assembly is used.

Original BTC Pebble Pendant in living room above chair next to fireplace

Pebble’s visionary aesthetic is at once familiar and strange. It references the organic forms of wind-polished stones, while also calling attention to its painstaking manufacture and assembly—it’s sure to get noticed and prompt vigorous discussion. Find out more at Original BTC.

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