Believe it or not, the 1993 movie Hocus Pocus was a complete box office flop upon release, even despite starring actresses like Bette Midler, Sarah Jessica Parker, and Kathy Najimy. However, the movie grew in popularity over the years and nowadays no Halloween would truly be complete watching it at least once. Even though there are still months left until Halloween (and who knows what crazy stuff 2020 is going to throw at us while we wait), one company created unique face masks that will allow you to turn into one of the Sanderson sisters – and it’s just in time for the upcoming sequel.

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You have to agree that no Halloween would truly be complete without Hocus Pocus

The recent announcement of the upcoming Hocus Pocus sequel has created quite the buzz in the movie’s fanbase and some companies were quick to react.

One company has recently created a series of unique face masks that will allow you to turn into one of the Sanderson sisters

The masks come in three styles, based on each of the sisters – Winnie, Sarah, and Mary.

One of these will set you back $13.95.

The masks feature two protective layers, soft stretch ear straps, and are ultra-breathable and machine washer-safe.

And who said masks can’t be safe and cool?

Just in case paying $14 for a face mask sound a little too much, there are plenty of fun alternatives on Etsy – check them out here!

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