Picturesque Embroideries Capture the Dreamlike Quality of Charming Towns

Embroidered Landscapes by MagicFromWonderland

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As the saying goes, “A picture is worth a thousand words,” and this is definitely the case for the embroidery designs by artist Alice (of MagicFromWonderland). The Moscow-based creative stitches colorful atmospheric scenes that hold stories within their hoops.

From a mountainous lake to a tranquil secluded village, Alice’s embroidery designs depict corners of the world that she wants to visit one day. “I am very dreamy, and I like to travel in my dreams to different countries,” she reveals. “Each work contains my dream, which I want to share with you. I really hope that my embroidery will go on a journey through different points of our globe, and I will thus begin my travels because I laid my love and soul in them.”

In one piece, made especially for her grandmother’s birthday, Alice depicted the village from her grandmother’s childhood. Expertly stitched in colorful thread, the charming design features lush, floral fields and tiny farmhouses. In another piece, Alice renders “Russian meadows” using a variety of stitches in vibrant hues. She even includes wispy clouds using white wool for a tactile, three-dimensional effect.

Check out some of Alice’s embroidered landscapes below and find more of her work on Instagram and Etsy.

Alice (of MagicFromWonderland) creates embroidery designs that capture the places she dreams of visiting.

Embroidered Landscapes by MagicFromWonderland

Each colorful landscape scene is full of charming details.

Embroidered Landscapes by MagicFromWonderlandEmbroidery Designs by MagicFromWonderlandEmbroidery Designs by MagicFromWonderlandEmbroidered Landscapes by MagicFromWonderlandLandscape Embroidery Designs by MagicFromWonderlandLandscape Embroidery Designs by MagicFromWonderlandMagicFromWonderland: Instagram | Etsy

My Modern Met granted permission to use photos by Alice / MagicFromWonderland.

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READ: Picturesque Embroideries Capture the Dreamlike Quality of Charming Towns


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