Design: TSMGO
Location: Spain
Project Type: Produced
Product Launch Location: Spain
Packaging Contents: Fruit & Vegetables Juices
Packaging Substrate / Materials: 250cc bottle in recycled PET and wrapped in a polypropylene label
Printing Process: Digital printing with special inks

Pressumia is the place where the most natural and healthy juices are made. A fertile land of creativity, happiness, energy, harmony, trust, attraction, vitality, and imagination. All the flavour of fruit and vegetables from the nearby orchards and crops, picked at precisely the right time, processed in their workrooms to bring you the best fruit and vegetable juices you can find.

People are investing in personal health like never before. The global welfare economy is growing at almost twice the rate of the global economy. We are increasingly concerned about our health and what we consume, at a time when we are constantly seeking instant gratification. Every 5 minutes there seems to be a new fad, treatment, exercise, healthy meal, or app related to well-being.

With this purpose, TSMGO participates in the creation of a new brand equipped with an imagery that infuses and envelops each of its manifestations. From the naming, to the brand, to taking it to a captivating packaging that stands out on the shelf, attracting attention at first sight to encourage purchase.

Pressumia is a fresh, mocking, almost irreverent call to challenge the big boys, because looking after yourself has its rewards as well as a certain degree of madness. Simple but very natural and cheerful shapes that reflect a synthetic realism which contrasts with the colour of the juices themselves.

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