We were first introduced to the Scottish heritage brand, Barrie, when it joined forces with Karl Lagerfeld to share its wealth of savoir-faire to Chanel’s Métiers d’Art collection back in 2013. Known for its luxury knitwear, Barrie exemplifies one of the many things Scotland does best: cashmere. As Barrie’s relationship with Chanel continues to develop – the Parisian House established ownership of Barrie in 2012 – so does its range of products beyond knitwear.

The latest Barrie development is a step away from gentle cashmere and comes in the form of a Demin Bandana collection. On the surface, the collection has all the attributes of denim. The products appear tough with flat-felled seams (typically used with more resilient fabrics) and metal buttons scattered across multiple pockets and openings. The brand’s artistic director Augustin Dol-Maillot, however, describes the pieces as a “tromp l’œil”. They are in keeping with Barrie’s history and are actually made from cashmere and cotton.

The Denim Bandana capsule also pays tribute to another Scottish icon. Paisley pattern, although originating in India, became the main product of the Scottish town Paisley – aptly named after the pattern – in the 19th century. The pattern is now more tied to the image of a bandana. For Dol-Maillot, “it’s really important to have the Scottish in every piece, whether it’s linked to the savoir-faire or the graphic language.”

The collection unites the teardrop design and its original Scottish roots with a more contemporary rendition of the pattern. Jacket collars and trouser hems are trimmed with the paisley motif, whilst individual paisley bandana patches, knitted from cashmere, cotton and viscose, can be used to customise your existing wardrobe. A true standout is a cashmere pullover with the bandana paisley motif, but presented in an asymptotical composition. As for Dol-Maillot’s motivations driving such a collection, the creative director wanted “to recreate that timeless association that never goes out of style and transpose it to the cashmere repertoire.”

Barrie’s Denim Bandana capsule collection is available here.


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