You never know what you’re going to get when you go to a party. Sometimes, it’s just a good old-fashioned good time. Sometimes, weird things start happening when we let our guard down. And, when everything goes just right (or wrong), that’s when a party becomes “that” party. These Redditors share the wildest instances of weird, scary, and downright confusing things that have happened to them while out having a good time.

1. A Miraculous Occurrence

At a party in a studio apartment, I’m getting nervous watching a friend with a glass of red start to sway and dip while sitting on the white-sheeted bed, so I suggest we move into the kitchen area. I was too late to stop the inevitable. She totters over to the corner, loses her balance, and falls backward into a basket on the floor holding some unopened bags of potato chips.

She flings her drink over her head against the wall behind her as she lands on the bags and they burst with loud bangs. The whole party turns to look at the noise and they see a scene from a horror movie, with my friend collapsed and twitching in the basket and a spray of red liquid running down the wall behind her.

There was a decently comical amount of screaming before it became obvious no one had been injured, although the host was soon ready to carry out the deed—some of the airborne liquid landed on the bottom of the frame of a small, treasured rubbing the host had done in Europe of Joan of Arc or a similar female warrior type.

The vino started slowly seeping up the fabric of the rubbing so while the host freaks out the inebriated guests start yelling, “Es un milagro – it bleeds!” as the rubbing of Joan now appears to be menstruating.


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