“Fascinated by the shapes of the so-called RORSCHACH “inkblot” tests,
I felt the need to animate these symmetrical structures.
I wanted to bring them to life. And – most of all – into the three-dimensional space.”

— Remo Gambacciani

“Since the shapes are not perfectly symmetrical, I looked for a way to mirror my structures early on in the process and created the fine details on top.

I liked the play with the materiality. The inkblots in these tests have very soft and flowing shapes. Contrary to that, I wanted to design the surface materiality of my objects in a very hard and stony way. The movement of the object though should still be morphing and flowing.

A very nice aspect and a parallel to abstract art in general is the fact that everyone reads something different from these forms or focuses on a different detail.”

Concept, direction and animation by Remo Gambacciani, gambacciani.com



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