Sight and sound intersect in TURF’s Scanlines acoustical panels, a sound-damping product that uses an exclusive algorithm to create panels with texture and depth.

Scanlines acoustical panels soundwave gray side view

The technology translates images into “acoustic art,” adding function to form and morphing the look of the original art in the process.

Scanlines acoustical panels three images: mountain, desert view, and penguin in ice cave in three different colors

The translation and transformation is quite complex. TURF’s algorithm takes the subtle differences between colors to create the panels: “carefully considering contrast, shading and scale, these interpretations are used to cut TURF’s acoustic PET felt at the appropriate depth.”

Scanlines acoustical panels detail gray

Options include 3mm and 9mm panels, the latter available in 30 colors and the former 12.

Scanlines acoustical panels front view of gray sound wave with black sofa beneath

Almost any image will work. The only constraint is a maximum size of 119” tall x 47.5” wide.

Scanlines acoustical panels three images: mountain, desert, and penguin in ice cave front view

Read further details about Scanlines and find out more about “fighting the tyrannical disturbance of the open space echo” at TURF.

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