C Design transformed a century-old brick warehouse into a sophisticated office for Sodoma Law located in Charlotte, North Carolina.

The design strategy embraces the historic character of the existing building while integrating and layering contemporary design elements that reveal the law firm’s modern creative culture.

The design concept sought to create a seamless and cohesive environment across the three compact and disparate levels through layering and transparency. The two main levels are organized as a central open office space wrapped by perimeter offices, meeting spaces, and a service zone.

Exposed raw and industrial architectural surfaces including brick walls, steel beams and wood ceilings are interwoven with a minimal palette of subtle colors and natural textures. Vibrant surfaces and branded design elements punctuate spaces throughout to create focal points on each level, offering a playful and unexpected counterpoints. Glass walls and doors throughout draw daylight from limited window openings deep into the center of the space, while creating the atmosphere of connectivity desired to support the firm’s culture.

Design: C Design
Photography: Tim Buchman

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