G*AA-Giaquinto Architetti Associati created the design of the solution area collaborative space to accommodate their firm and and other companies related to the world of architecture and engineering located in Torino, Italy.

The last floor of an industrial building has been redesigned to host Solution Area, a space that houses Studio G*AA-Giaquinto Architetti Associati .

Architects Attilio Giaquinto, Subhash Mukerjee and Claudio Spagnotto have designed Solution Area, an integrated space for architecture and design, created to offer investors and clients any service in the building and architectural field.

Solution Area is a unique space in the city, inside it engineers, specialists and companies work side by side to develop fully integrated design solutions, from concept to project completion, whose value for the customer is constantly controlled and increased.

The areas are opened as much as possible and fluid, no volume goes up to the ceiling, the large windows that surround the practice are free to give a feeling of opening and profundity.

In this way we have created a vital and fertile environment, unique in the Turin landscape. The idea that combines creativity and productivity in a space open to the public and companies.

A new work experience designed to increase creativity in a location that becomes an opportunity for exchange and growth.

A smart space, where designers from all disciplines coexist, in order to contaminate themselves to generate new and unpredictable solutions.

Design: G*AA-Giaquinto Architetti Associati
Design Team: Attilio Giaquinto, Claudio Spagnotto, Subhash Murkejee, Gianluca Discalzi
Photography: Beppe Giardino

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