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21 New Ways to Wear Shorts This Season

Before you know it, it’ll be shorts season — both inside and outside. And while we’ve all got a trusty supply of Bermudas, cutoffs and everything in between, we don’t have a Rolodex listing lots of ways to wear shorts. So we decided to do what we do in most sartorial situations, turn to the […]

Scoring One of These ‘Secret’ (and Affordable) Amazon Beauty Finds Will Make Your Day

Amazon is our go-to for many things, like books, electronics and even some fashion gems. But it isn’t the first online retailer that comes to mind when shopping for skin care and hair care. But there are plenty of cult beauty treasures lurking on the site, most of which are priced well below the products […]

33 Eco-Fashion Brands We’re Obsessed With

Eco-friendly clothing has come a long way from those foggy, hippie-dippie days filled with crunchy, hemp sandals and patchouli-smelling maxis. In fact, it’s stepped into prime time, thanks to brands like Kowtow and Amour Vert that focus on style as much as sustainability. In honor of Earth Month, we’re sharing our 33 favorite sustainable fashion brands […]

The 17 Best Sandals for Under $100

Spring is the start of sandal season and every year it seems like there’s an endless supply of trendy versions that cost beaucoup bucks. While we’re all for indulging in a designer pair or two for those special occasions, for our day-to-day fashion statements we aim to marry style with some cost-cutting measures. Believe it […]

25 Statement-Making Spring Dresses Under $100

Every season gives us a justification for restocking our closets. In summer, miniskirts are on our radar, fall makes us hunt down the coziest sweaters, winter calls for the latest iteration of the wool coat and spring has us thinking about dresses. And while we’d all love to simply swipe styles straight off the runways […]

The Best At-Home Treatments to Try Now That You Have Time on Your Hands

What it means to be a dutiful citizen has undergone quite the makeover these last few weeks. We don’t need to tell you how imperative it is to stay at home given the ongoing pandemic, but we are here to help you make lemonade. You may not be able to make your scheduled Botox appointment […]

The Most Unpredictable Spring Pieces to Add to Your Closet

Experimenting with fashion is half the fun. Especially when it comes to picking things to wear this spring. Sure, we could all simply go the safe route by only indulging in the trends that either suit our present wardrobes or come in some watered-down, totally acceptable in public format. Snore. Now is actually a great […]

Stackable Jewelry Is the Best Way to Bring a Little Bling to Spring

By now you’re well aware of the Instagram influencer-approved method of layering necklaces. But it’s not just your necklaces you should consider doubling (or tripling) up on. From rings to bracelets and even earrings, stackable jewelry is trending and we’re all for it. There are many ways to go about tackling the trend. You can […]

Get Your Flower Fix With One of These Fresh Floral Bags for Spring

Thanks to Miranda Priestly, it’s been ingrained in all of us that florals for spring aren’t exactly groundbreaking. But we’re daring to disagree this season. That’s because floral bags are popping up everywhere for Spring 2020 and the pivot is surprisingly refreshing. And it’s a pretty mixed bouquet. There are your more literal interpretations, watercolor […]

30 Pretty Pastel Makeup Looks for Spring

Images: Imaxtree Pastels are synonymous with spring. The soft shades show up in gardens, on Easter eggs and in our wardrobes, providing a welcome change from the dark, somber tones of the colder months. But don’t stop there: pastels are also a big makeup trend this season. People are Recreating Famous Artworks Using Whatever They Have […]

Ingenious Spring Styling Tricks Straight From the Runways

Images: Imaxtree Spring and summer are two very different seasons. While both involve warmer weather, the former can feature chilly periods sometimes involving rain, hail or even snow. But we’re guessing you don’t want to wait until June to rock your latest acquisitions. People are Recreating Famous Artworks Using Whatever They Have at Home During […]

12 Loungewear Looks That Still Make You Feel Like You’re Dressing to Impress

It’s pretty tempting when you’re working from home to just spend the day in the same T-shirt and sweatpants you slept in. But that gets old after a while. Although you don’t need to put on a three-piece suit, you should make an effort to dress for the occasion. And there are a surprising amount […]

All the April 2020 Magazine Covers We Loved and Hated

While it’s always refreshing to see models get glossy covers, the April 2020 covers brought a shocking number of flops. In the models’ defense, most weren’t disappointing due to any fault of their own, but rather because of awful styling choices, snooze-worthy backdrops and cheap tricks (like an upside down cover). And no, celebrity covers […]