Looking for some Monday inspiration to get yourself back to the gym? Telfar Clemens has got you covered. Yesterday, the buzzy Brooklyn-based label held an off-schedule press conference during NYFW, where the designer unveiled what the brand has been working on. The first call of order: a brand new It bag. Yes, that’s right, Telfar is following up its globally sought after Shopping Bag – lovingly nicknamed the Bushwick Birkin –  with the brand’s new duffle bag, which comes in a classic cylinder shape, made from vegan leather, and comes adorned either side with the brand’s iconic logo.

We know what you’re thinking: where the hell can I get hold of one? Well, Clemens also announced the brand is launching its own TV channel. Telfar TV will be available to download on Apple TV and Roku. As to what we can expect, a QVC-style shopping program will be your chance to nab yourself the new duffle, which will be broadcast alongside plenty of other content created by Telfar, which will be shown on a 24-hour stream. And you have a chance to get in on the action. As noted by the channel’s website, audiences are encouraged to submit their own videos to be shown on Telfar TV, and it could even win you a few freebies. So, what are you waiting for? Get ready for your prime time performance.

Photography courtesy of Telfar. 


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