When will 2020 stop raining on our parade? After a month of being trapped indoors, we came straight out of lockdown into a drizzly winter. Things aren’t all doom and gloom, though, as the turn in the weather gives us an excuse to splash out on a new coat. This season we’re leaning towards a Fendi x K-Way windbreaker. The Italian house has teamed up with the waterproof clothing brand K-Way for an exclusive capsule collection. The range includes pieces for men, women and children with the luxury and ironic twist of Fendi and the practicality of K-Way. Get ready to Fendi-fy the entire household.

We are particularly drawn to the street-centric windbreakers for their contemporary feel and convenience, as each can all folded neatly away into a pocket and carried (pretty neat, ey?). One side of the reversible nylon raincoat is matte black and adorned with the FF logo, the other face is a single colour – black, gold, dark blue or pink. There’s also a cropped bomber style up for grabs, exclusively in the women’s line. Should you want your winter coat to align with the luxurious side rather than the functional, why not replace the colour blocked style with a FF logo printed-lining? This is braggadocious outerwear done right.

The Fendi x K-Way collection is available online and in select stores now. 


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