The forecast calls for a…coastal grandmother summer?

The now-famous TikTok trend — which hosts over 80 million views on the video platform — is not only taking over Spring/Summer 2022 wardrobe and interior design but music too.

Here’s a refresher: TikTok‘s Lex Nicoleta coined the term, offering a full breakdown and playlist for the craze back in March.

Since then, there’s been a huge spike in coastal grandmother playlists, per Spotify‘s annual summer listening report.

And they ain’t lying. When you search the trend on the music streaming service, you’re hit with what seems like an endless scroll of musical roundups reminiscent of a day with your nana.

Basically, the bops are plentiful for the trend-identifying users prepping to fully embrace their inner Martha Stewart this summer.

But, what does a coastal grandmother vibe to?

According to Spotify’s playlists centered around the trend, Tony Bennett, Stevie Wonder, Aretha Franklin, and Harry Connick Jr. sum up the sounds played by your grandma during her seaside escapes.

For the old-spirited youth out there, you may come across some Amy Whinehouse and Soulja Boy in the mis too.

The coastal grandma aesthetic isn’t the only summer mania going down in the approaching season. TikTok’s “feral girl summer” and “coconut girl summer” are weirdly having moments in the music world too, which is no surprise coming from the platform home to bizarre infatuations and pop culture tea.

Nonetheless, hot girl summer is still very much in effect for Summer ’22. But, it looks like they’ll be joined by the vineyard gram-grams, both new and veteran, bumping their playlists (likely through vintage headsets).


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