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Naughty Dog fans will soon get the chance to relive Joel and Ellie’s epic cross-country adventure from The Last of Us Part I in a whole new way.

Sony shared our first look at an upcoming remake of the 2013 hit during the 2022 Summer Games Fest stream on Thursday. It’s coming to PlayStation 5 and PC, and it’s set to feature “modernized gameplay, improved controls, and expanded accessibility options” on both platforms, as well as features that take advantage of the PS5’s 3D audio and innovative DualSense controller.

The remake will also pack in the excellent Left Behind, a prequel story focused on Ellie that came out a year after the original game’s release. Both releases set up the sprawling story we explored in 2020’s The Last of Us Part II.

The next two years are poised to be big ones for Naughty Dog’s apocalyptic pandemic story of mushroom monsters and desperate humans. There’s a live-action HBO Max series coming in 2023 that stars Pedro Pascal and Bella Ramsey in the Joel and Ellie roles, respectively. Sony also revealed Thursday that the original game’s “Factions” mode will serve as the inspiration for an entire standalone multiplayer game.

We don’t have concrete release dates for either of those, but we do know when Part I will be here: Sept. 2, 2022.


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