Agency: Team Creatif USA
Strategy/CEO: Heath Osburn
Account Manager: Lindsay Ashton Bean
Creative Director: Brady Bone
Location: United States
Project Type: Produced
Client: The Laughing Cow
Product Launch Location: Americas
Packaging Contents: Cheese

This year Team Creatif USA launched their newest design with Bel Groupe for The Laughing Cow cheese. A new fresh, sunlit field with flowers and repainted dairy barn set a beautiful scene for the delicious, creamy cheese. The refreshed packages hit shelves this Spring, and included Team Creatif’s designs demonstrating a compelling brand strategy.

Building on the knowledge of the 100-year history of the signature red cow, Creative Director Brady Bone pursued the design approach of “it’s better to laugh”. The result solidifies The Laughing Cow brand as a fun, spontaneous snack.

“Working closely with the marketing team allowed us to create a strategically-sound approach that led to a design that brings even more joy to the shelves,” notes Lindsay Ashton Bean, Account Manager, Team Creatif USA.

Components of the design, including the outside round box and inside foil packs, delivered a cohesive brand experience for consumers. The jubilant colors present a distinguishing identity for each of the seven flavors. Also, with a gentle tilt to the logo, the Laughing Cow seems as if she is laughing even louder than before – conveying the brand’s vibrancy.

“This project inspired our team to breathe new life into a long-time, popular consumer product, while acknowledging the expansive brand history of The Laughing Cow,” says Heath Osburn, CEO of Team Creatif USA.

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