Oh, to work in customer service. From raging Karens to the dumbest questions imaginable, there’s no telling what idiocy you’ll come face to face with—even on a good day. But buried within these horror stories are also tales of satisfying karma and petty revenge. Sometimes even the most infuriating customer gets their just deserts.

1. Ring Around The Rosie

I run a jewelry shop. One time, a customer left their ring with us for more than three months. After countless calls from us asking her to kindly come and collect her jewelry, she finally turned up. Then my nightmare began. She rudely told us: “This isn’t my diamond. You swapped my diamond. My diamond was completely different to this”.

We were all very caught off guard by this baseless accusation. She then proceeded to throw the biggest temper tantrum I’ve ever seen, refusing to listen to reason and completely disregarding our store’s 75-year reputation for honesty and good service. Thankfully, we keep meticulous records, including the weight of the ring, any flaws in the customer’s diamond, and diamond measurements.

Eventually, she realized that it actually was her diamond. We got a sincere and heartfelt apology for all the hassle she put us and our other customers through. Just kidding. She left in a huff.


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