Looking into the past, there might be things you didn’t understand as a kid that you might understand now. But other times, those questions might still be unanswered. Whether these stories have explanations—disturbing or otherwise—these 50 Redditors share weird and creepy stories they experienced when they were younger.

1. The Valley Beast

I used to holiday in the Scottish Highlands. Friends of my family had a cottage there in the middle of nowhere at the end of a valley. It was always creepy just because it was so isolated. Anyway, one day I went outside and heard the most unearthly sound I have ever experienced. It sounded like a robot demon cackling insanely while simultaneously crying in agony.

It just sounded… wrong. I went inside, white as a sheet, and told my dad. He grabbed a stick, said “come on!” and set off to find the source. We homed in on the sound and saw it was coming from the area close to the water tank which filled from the stream and supplied the cottage. There was clearly something not from this world stuck inside the tank.

We nervously approached and circled the tank. My dad suddenly said “Ahhhh” in realization and strides confidently to the tank. Now, I don’t fully understand the setup of the water system, but there was some kind of small vent pipe on the tank. A large leaf had got stuck in the pipe, creating a reed, and the tank was acting like a giant amplifier and reverb chamber.

The sound was channeled down the valley the stream was in and straight to the cottage. I can still hear the sound in my head as I type this—it was absolutely demonic. I still want to know how my dad thought he was going to tackle a slobbering demon-beast with a stick!


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