Dearest Coperni, did it hurt when you fell from heaven? Because you look like an angel, and so does your brand new handbag. Opulent in opaque blue, chrome or completely transparent, Coperni’s new It-bag is a blown glass crescent shaped handbag modelled after the brand’s signature Swipe bag.

During Coperni’s AW22 show, Gigi Hadid stomped across the catwalk with the viral bag in hand. It was a special little number with crystalline curved horns protruding off the icy handle for a touch of devilish mischief – it’s true, the devil fell from heaven too. And if it sounds a little bit look-but-don’t-touch, we’re here to prove you wrong. Though you can’t quite fit your laptop, there is room for the necessities: we’re talking keys, oyster card, AirPods and maybe a lip gloss if you’re feeling a bit cheeky. 


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Crafted in collaboration with handblown glassware label, Heven, based out Brooklyn, New York, the bag is one of the most innovative designs on the market right now. By creative couple Breanna Box and Peter Dupont who together make tentacled vases, asymmetric wine glasses and devil-horned carafes, the concept for Heven emerged from an impromptu glassblowing class Box attended at the precipice of lockdown in NYC. “I was visiting the city for the first time in years and said there’s no way I’m sitting in the house hoarding toilet paper before I go back to London where we lived at the time,” Box explains. When she did eventually head back to the UK she found The Glass Hub, an all women’s hot shop under the mentorship of a woman names KT. “She gave us free reign and allowed us to cultivate whatever we wanted regardless of whether our skill matched,” says Box, who soon after began selling her creations through Instagram and Heven was born.

With Coperni’s ovular Swipe satchel in mind, the collaboration with Heven came about “chill way” after Sébastien Meyer, one of the Coperni’s creative directors alongside Arnaud Vaillant, in a sudden stroke of genius slid into the design duo’s DM’s. After that, it was a “super organic” process, according to the Parisian label’s pair of directors, to bring the bag to fruition with a focus on pushing boundaries and experimenting freely. What’s more, the couple at Heven worked with a personal friend, Josh Raiffe, in the development stages: “It was trial and error, but we developed them in two days,” says Box. When a photo of the first prototype was sent across, the Coperni co-creative directors tell us they were absolutely “blown away” – pun intended.


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So far we’ve seen it on Kim Kardashian and Tinashe, cementing its status as a celebrity favourite.. But that’s not all, the unparalleled accessory made an appearance on the arms of both Kylie Jenner and Doja Cat within the speedy period of just one week – Kylie on the premier of Hulu’s The Kardashians and Doja as she won her first Grammy award. “Kylie and Doja are such inspiring women,” Meyer and Vaillant wrote over email. “It means the world to have their trust.”


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Beyond the bag, Bella Hadid has been all over our Instagram feeds clad in a mesh, mauve slinky wrap crop top from Coperni’s SS22 show and Rihanna just showed off her pregnancy glow in a custom silver crop top and coordinating sparkly skirt from the brand. And soon, you’ll be able to snatch a glass bag of your own, just keep your eyes peeled. 

Clearly Coperni is having a moment. Wrapped around your wrist or gripped by perfectly manicured fingers, there ain’t a doubt about it – we are 100 per cent here for it. Glass fashion? Who would’ve thought! This is Coperni’s world, we’re just living in it. 

Photography courtesy of Coperni.

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