Aimé Leon Dore attracts a breed of customer so specific that the term “Nolita Dirtbag” was devised specifically to chide the neo-hipsters that lurk between ALD’s flagship store and Dimes Square in New York, wearing a uniform of Scarr’s Pizza-stained double-knee pants and New Balance 550s.

Perhaps it’s time to expand the descriptor — Nolita Hooligan? London Dirtbag? Soho Scumbag? — as come June 3, Aimé Leon Dore is opening its first international store on Broadwick Street in London.

It checks out, ‘cuz ALD’s uniquely normal approach to fairly basic athleisure and menswear makes it an easy sell for everyone from the chainsmoking double-knee pant guys in New York to the footy fans in London, guys with a particular inclination towards very wearable clobber.

The London flagship store’s opening dovetails with the launch of Aimé Leon Dore’s latest New Balance collaboration, a Made in UK (of course) 991 that’s accompanied by an assortment of easy sportswear.

Fleece outerwear, trackie jackets, sweatsuits, bicycle caps, nylon shorts, football scarves — it’s all here, it’s all appropriately British, and it’s all launching on June 3 to coincide with the new ALD store opening.

The New Balance collab will also be available on Aimé Leon Dore’s website, in case you aren’t in New York and London to shop IRL.

With forthcoming New Balance 990v2 sneakers (and maybe more 650Rs and 550s), it’s banner days for Aimé Leon Dore, which hasn’t really slowed the pace of its seasonal drops or collections.

The London store is a suitable IRL experience for British fans, incorporating the same stuff that lures fans to the original Aimé Leon Dore flagship, including a retail experience and cafe, except that it’s now in jolly old England, just in time for the Queen’s Jubilee. Rule Britannia and all that.

32 Broadwick St.
London, UK W1F 8JB


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