You wouldn’t expect wood to have a fluid appearance, but with a few clever design tricks, Studio Lorier’s Wave Bookshelf manages to make something as stiff and rigid as wood look completely flexible! The secret lies in the bookshelf’s stepped construction and a joinery detail that allows each step to slide side by side. You can easily manipulate the bookshelf’s shape with your hands, creating a variety of shapes, before locking the bookshelf’s position using a single screw detail.

The Wave is made of individual pine wood elements that can be stacked together (or removed) to create a shelf that’s as high or as low as you want. With its ability to shapeshift, the Wave transcends furniture and becomes something more eye-catching and engaging. Its dynamism turns it into a piece of interactive art, allowing you as the user to also play a role in determining the shelf’s end-result! Perfect for adding a quirky touch to a boring space, or just placing in a space with odd/deviant dimensions.

Designer: Studio Lorier

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