#TheCraftedWife: Wedding Photos Part IIT’S TIME FOR WEDDING PHOTOS!!

Last week I shared some teasers and a few of the projects I made for our wedding, but now it’s time for the main event.  I’ll be breaking the wedding photos into two parts over the next two days. Today’s post will focus on the getting ready + our first look and tomorrow will be our ceremony + reception. You can catch up on previous wedding posts here. But if you’re already caught up, without any further waiting, here’s more from our wedding!

#TheCraftedWife: Wedding Photos Part I

#TheCraftedWife: Wedding Photos Part IOur ceremony was on Sunday May 2, 2021 in Sea Cliff, NY. There was a light rain in the morning but it cleared up and ended up being a beautiful, warm, sunny day. Here are the people we worked with and adored:


Photography: Redfield Photography

Flowers: Devon & Pinkett

Hair: Styles on B

Makeup: Stacie Ford

Venue: Sea Cliff Manor

Videographer: Rachel Findley of Video Magic

DJ: 74 Events

Stationery: Minted

(I made the decorations and did the planning)

#TheCraftedWife: Wedding Photos Part IOkay, let’s talk about the dress. I wanted to go colorful for the gown, but after looking into pricing, I decided that it wasn’t something that I felt comfortable spending that much money on (I didn’t find anything under $2,000). Our original wedding was going to be almost triple in size, aka more expensive, so I went for the more affordable option. My dress is from David’s Bridal and it had tulle flowers and sequins all over it, so I consider that a win!

There’s a massive market for affordable and colorful wedding dresses, but from what I can see, nobody to fill that niche. JUST SAYING! Also dress shopping as someone who isn’t the “sample size” wasn’t exactly exciting. But that’s an entirely different post for a different day.

#TheCraftedWife: Wedding Photos Part IThis is my go-to perfume! It’s light and floral and just perfect.

#TheCraftedWife: Wedding Photos Part I

#TheCraftedWife: Wedding Photos Part I

#TheCraftedWife: Wedding Photos Part IOh you know, just my bridesmaid Julie cutting a hole in a bag so I could pee. More than happy to do an entire post of how to pee in your wedding dress if anyone is interested (yes this plagued me since the moment we got engaged, ha!)

#TheCraftedWife: Wedding Photos Part IMy favorite piece that I wore was of course the veil. It’s the first thing that I bought and used it as inspiration for the decor for the rest of the wedding. Here’s where I got mine— they have so many fun options!

#TheCraftedWife: Wedding Photos Part II mean…. it was absolutely perfect! And it matched our wedding invitations!

#TheCraftedWife: Wedding Photos Part I

#TheCraftedWife: Wedding Photos Part I#TheCraftedWife: Wedding Photos Part I#TheCraftedWife: Wedding Photos Part I#TheCraftedWife: Wedding Photos Part I#TheCraftedWife: Wedding Photos Part I#TheCraftedWife: Wedding Photos Part IMy dad gave Ryan these cufflinks which are a reference to an episode of The Simpsons. We both grew up watching the show with our families and connected over it right away when we first started dating.

#TheCraftedWife: Wedding Photos Part I#TheCraftedWife: Wedding Photos Part IFor Ryan’s color combo, we went with a blue suit, a light blue shirt, and a pink tie to match my hair. We originally had the suit with a white shirt, but the color on color combo just came together so perfectly given that we were going for a very colorful event.

And now for our first look!

#TheCraftedWife: Wedding Photos Part IWe didn’t realize until we got the photos back that we had made the same face after seeing one another. I was nervous up until we did this part and am so thankful we did the first look. I really recommend doing one so you can get the jitters out with nobody else around.

#TheCraftedWife: Wedding Photos Part IBe sure to come back tomorrow to see the ceremony and reception reveal! I’ll also be sharing our video over on YouTube to stay tuned!#TheCraftedWife: Wedding Photos Part I

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